Monday, July 18, 2011


Master gave me the opportunity to be Katie, instead of Kitty. He gave me this opportunity for only a few hours. When Master treated me as Katie, I noticed something strange. I discovered that, I am Kitty, Katie is no longer a part of me. When I was Katie, It was so hard for me to call Master "Adam" I even had to struggle to type in first person. Being a slave, has become a undeniable part of myself, In this relationship I have discovered where my place is. I am Kitty, Masters slave, but as the relationship progressed, I have allowed myself to agree to Master's ideas. Not just agree to his ideas, but want to complete his crazy ideas to the best of my abillity. Master, he says he has a sadist side to himself, I cant wait to see that side of him come out. I want Master to want to hurt me for his own pleasure, disgregarding my opinions and emotions. This pain can be longterm, or short term, whichever he pleases. As a slave, pleasing my master with pain, shows my true devotion to my Master. I hope for him to hurt me as long, and as hard as he can, so that my Master can see how devoted I am to his happiness, and servicing him.

Master, he enjoys fucking a wide variety of girls, his taste is quite broad. Because, of the large variety he enjoys, it is often hard for him to find every girl he wishes to fuck. That is where I come in, by helping Master find as much girls as he can. In terms of pleasing Master sexually, Master may be pleased having a bimbo waiting for him at home, but having the same flavor icescream gets boring. To ensure he is happy to the fullest extent, it is part of my duty as his bimbo slave to find other girls for Master to fuck, when he gets tired of me. Because this is a part of my duty as his slave, I will find these girls with eagger and excitment in hopes of pleasing Master. I will also encourage Master to fuck more girls, so that Master will continue to be pleased sexually. As a Master, he has the right to fuck these girls without my permission, or without me watching for however long he pleases. A big fantasy that I have is, watching Master fuck other girls as I watch horny in my chastity belt. Because, I have had these type of fantisies for a while, it makes servicing Master with girls, a less painful more enjoyable expirence. I do not want to take away from the expirence of fucking other girls by becoming jealous, or by making Master feel guilty by engaging in his right as a Master.

As Master slave, in the next 2 years on my birthday I want to show Master, my submission to him as his cuckquean, his slave that lives for his pleasure. I want to get piercings on that day, Nipple and clit piercings. I want to end my birthday with a brand new chastity belt. Showing Master, that as I enter this new chapter of my life I give up everything to him, and I am his slave. He can use me, or deny me of any pleasure at any time he wishes. Master already has complete control of my mind, but the most prescious part of me, my sexual pleasures, I want him to own. After he owns that part of me then truely, Master has owned a cuckquean slave, controlling her mind, her money and her body. This is Kitty's deepest desires, to give Master everything, because this part of Kitty, that desires to please master wont subside, untill I can give Master everything, and make him happy for the rest of his life.

Writing this assignment, it was intresting for me, it was not a 'drag' to write. I was able to learn a lot about myself, I never knew my desires were so strong untill I just sat down and typed my deepest emotions. Pain, has been a touchy issue for me in the past, I never let someone hurt me. But for Master, it is diferent I want him to hurt me. I want Master to show me his sadist side, or any side of Master I dont want him to feel like as a Master he has to hide parts of his personality, because the world does not agree with it. Maybe his Masochist side is dark and scary, but to me Master will always appear warm and bright in my eyes, I felt a great sence of love for master during that paragraph. During the second paragraph, I felt a new emotion. I was so horny I could not control my hands, but I did not even penetrate myself, because once I start masturbating I know I wont be able to stop. I am so wet, and so horny now, thinking about being Masters Cuckquean. Being Master's cuckquean, at first was an idea that I found strange, but now it is a idea that I am so desperate to cum to. I am so excited to find a girl for Master to fuck, as I watch, or hear about how awesome the sex was. I took a short break to search chastity belts, and look for pictures of cuckquean, my pussy was so wet viewing pictures. The last paragraph, has been something that I have been thinking about a lot, what should I do to show Master he owns everything. I can't wait for the days to pass, for me to get the peircings and chastity belt, and even my collar! The day where Master can proudly tell the world, This is my girlfriend Katie! but also the day where Master can feel accomplished as a Master, he has everything, the best slave that loves him more then he knows. This assignment really made me think about pleasing Master, and our lives together in a whole new perspective.

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